Daily Archive: Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Can A Small Business Utilize Local SEO?

For small businesses, competing against Goliath national chains on search results pages can seem like a losing proposition. Granted, Google and its competitors are now giving more weight to local results, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t load your sling and aim high. Focus on these local SEO efforts to reach your local customers when [&hellip


Happy Truckers Drive Safety and Profitability

Driver turnover, known as churning in the trucking industry, is a very expensive and time-consuming issue for trucking companies, mainly because recruiting and training new commercial drivers is a huge undertaking. But churning also impacts safety and employee morale. That is, safety data reveals that truckers who change jobs frequently have more crashes than those [&hellip


Make A Good Impression With Proper Business Card Etiquette

Etiquette is important in business relationships. A proper handshake, a friendly phone demeanor and exemplary table manners can go a long way in developing important connections. Even something as simple as exchanging business cards comes with a set of social expectations – some of which may not be obvious. Be Respectful The first rule of [&hellip