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Women Employees Increasing In Saudi Arabia’s Workforce

The Middle Eastern countries have recorded an influx of women in its workforce in the recent past. With changing times more women are joining the country’s workforce and thus contributing towards the economy. Read the following post to know more.  The Middle East has been long known across the globe for its oil and gas [&hellip


Take A Road Trip To Ireland

For anyone planning to visit Ireland, a road trip is definitely recommended. It is true that there are bus and train links to most parts of the country. However, most of the sites and small villages in the Emerald Isle cannot be accessed by buses or trains, and are best observed by car. A car [&hellip


It’s A Romance Reader’s World

All right, I confess.  I was drawn into the clutches of romance novel reading in my early 20s.  The party who introduced me to those gentle novels of plucky heroines and happy endings was none other than my own mother!  Co-workers conspired to broaden my literary horizons by urging their “bodice ripper” novels on me.  [&hellip