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4 Genetic Traits That May Be Affecting Your Ability To Lose Weight

In the past, weight loss strategies have solely revolved around adhering to a specific diet and exercise plan. However, scientists are discovering that lifestyle habits are not the only factors affecting how we lose and gain weight. Genetic traits can predispose individuals to certain physical and emotional attributes. A trait is an observable manifestation that [&hellip


5 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive In A Long-Distance Love Affair

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The anonymous poet who first wrote those words must have known the angst of a long-distance relationship. The longer you go without seeing your love the deeper the desire is to be with them once again. It’s easy for that burning flame of desire to flicker out if loneliness [&hellip


Best Fantasy Fit For Remaining Free Agents

The free agency period for the National Football League has been open for several weeks now, and there are still several high profile players who are actively looking for teams. From a fantasy football perspective, there are certain landing spots that are more attractive than others. If you are already starting to plot your draft [&hellip