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Snoring Won’t Hamper Your Sleep Anymore

Snoring is seen as a funny and mood-lightening condition in movies. But snoring isn’t so innocent that we tend to think. It generally affects overweight people and men. The condition worsens with age. We all snore occasionally that only causes nuisance of sleep for our bed partners. But, the problem arises when you’re a habitual [&hellip


Tips To Maximize Health & Wellness

• Manage your stress well, as well as reduce it. This could include a few minutes for meditation or a relaxation exercise. Try to avoid the urge to eat “comfort foods” that may not be good for you or your health. • Eat well. Remember to feed your body with what it needs to stay [&hellip


Tips for a Healthy Digestive System

Your digestive system plays a vital role in breaking down the foods that you eat into the nutrients your body needs. Neglecting your digestive healthcan cause problems in absorbing those nutrients properly We talked with Dr Pradeepta Kumar Sethy, a veteran Gastroenterologist in Kolkata. He recommends a few tips to maintain and improveyour digestive health. [&hellip