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Bringing Out Your Child’s Inner Performer

It could help bring a shy child out of their shell. Equally, it could help a boisterous child let off steam. Playing at theatrical or performing arts with your kids will have a lot of benefits – and they are great way to channel children’s imaginations and creative energy. Here are a couple of ideas [&hellip


Children’s Nutrition: Eating a Rainbow

We all know that we should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, but putting this into practice can be more challenging when you are talking about kids. Inventing cooking games for kids can be a great way to get your children involved in preparing meals and ensure they get enough fruit and [&hellip


How to Deal with Children’s Sensitive Skin

Children are more prone to skin sensitivity than adults, as their immune systems are still developing. There can be many more environmental factors that may cause the skin to be irritated. While children often outgrow allergies and adverse reactions, anything from air fresheners to dietary habits, sunshine to aerosol sprays, can still make life difficult [&hellip